For HATS next production, Alexandre Dumas’s famous rip-roaring yarn of derring-do, palace intrigue and slushy amour has been fully and seamlessly transported into Panto-land!

The evil Cardinal Richleeugh, aided by his equally despicable sidekick Le Chavalier Du Lobster Roquefort and the venomous Malady De Splinter, aims to overthrow the King, and place himself as head of state. Unbeknown to the King, Queen Anne’s is conducting a liaison dangereuse with the Duke of Tottenham, the Prime Minister of England. As a token of her affection, Anne offers Tottenham a portion of the venerated “Quiche of Lorraine” as he leaves to return to England. Richleeugh learns of this reckless act and plots to expose the Queen’s affair by forcing the Queen to present her portion of the Quiche of Lorraine at the Royal Anniversary Ball.

However, Richleeugh and his evil accomplices have reckoned without the intervention of the three Muskateers, the famous swashbucklers Porthos, Athos and Aramis, re-cast in this unique adaptation as a bevy of roistering, thigh-slapping garcons principaux. They are joined in their gallant quest by D’Artagnon, a young pig farmer from Gascony with a burning ambition to follow his father’s footsteps and become a King’s Muskateer.

Will the Quiche be returned safely to the Queen to save her head from the executioner’s axe, or will Richleeugh succeed in his evil plans, overthow the Monarchy and wage war on his sworn enemies, the English?

Come along on Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening to applaud our heroic Muskateers and hiss and boo at the villains in this unique and entertaining Pantomime Cordon Bleu.