A Pantomime-ish Comedy by Matthew Stevens.

General Ruckus and Captain Scandalus of the Roman army, which is trying to conquer Horndeanus, make a bet with Sally that no one can win the Gladiator Games. Village numpty George (who is in love with Sally) sets off with his faithful dog Scratch to aid the village. George secretly trains and becomes a master gladiator, and names himself Mysterius. Hearing about this mighty gladiator, Sally and her mother, Astrological Angie, travel to the big city to recruit him, to help them fight the Romans. They are unaware of his true identity. They outsmart the General, but Sally is Sally-napped in the process. Will Sally escape? Will the mysterious Mysterius win the Gladiator games? Will George win the hand of Sally? Find out the answer to these (and other) questions when you come to see our play.

Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, much of the cast find themselves having to play 2 or 3 characters (often at the same time!) A costume mix-up leaves the heroic dog having to play the part in a penguin suit.