Horndean Amateur Theatrical Society

Our 70th Anniversary Year . . .

Our Most Recent Production

In November and December 2018, the members of HATS were proud to present


by George Bernard Shaw


Poster for our production of Pygmalion.


Pygmalion is the story of phonetics professor Henry Higgins and his attempt to transform the cockney flower girly, Eliza Doolittle, into a duchess within six months. George Bernard Shaw creates a wonderful comedy of linguistic manners, while at the same time attacking the British class system.


Role Played by
Clara Eynsford Hill Sonja Barrand
Mrs Eynsford Hill Carolyn Carr
Freddy Eynsford Hill Iain Renfrew
Eliza Doolittle Verity Leaver
Colonel Pickering David Sherren
Henry Higgins Ian Tapster
Mrs Pierce Valerie Gray
Alfred Doolittle Ross Gilson
Mrs Higgins Carol Smith
Director Stuart Dickenson